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Video Tape 03/03

Description | A video tape found in Accardi's house

Act Found | 3

"mt H SW nkwjn 12m34n4 nfp3l."
"◻◻◻◻ became a priest, simply because ◻◻◻ ◻◻◻◻◻◻◻ always wanted him to. Therefore, I took ◻◻◻◻."
"A man who was a prideful hunter, a gatherer, a retired veteran, and skillful surgeon."
"The guest room became his personal library and study room. I had more books in a single room, than most children my age had access to in a public library."
"That's where I came across this strange, tattered book."
"...A book I never read before. I was fascinated, immediately following it like a religion."
"It was a book covering ◻◻◻, f◻r◻t◻n m◻dic◻l procedures."
"P4r7 of 7h15 b◻◻◻ c◻◻◻◻◻, long f◻◻◻en, t3chniqu3 0f ◻◻◻◻◻◻ or ◻dding, additional limbs to a person."
"When I found this book, it was like discovering a hidden path guided by the Lord's light."
"Guided by his words and breath, I found myself in a new spiral of culture."
"God was speaking to me directly."
"When asked, I allowed God to touch my spine and bless it."