Gabriel Giordano

Gabriel is a police detective of Rosso Cadere. He is also occasionally a playable character.

Gabriel Giordano

Gabriel Giordano / Giordana

First Appearance: Act 1
Pronouns: He/Him
Occupation: Detective

Biological Information

Species: Human
Origin: Italy
Age: 23...? 25? 26? 27?
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 177cm | 5'10"1
Weight: 104kg | 230lbs2
Last Known Status:
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Table of Contents
  1. Appearance
  2. Personality
  3. In-game events
  4. Relationships
  5. History
  6. Trivia
  7. Footnotes


Gabriel is a heavyset man with short strawberry blond hair. He has scruffy facial hair and looks disheveled. He wears a detective uniform, which is "more of a green-blue-teal-seafoam-aqua" than police uniforms. It has gold shoulder pads with fringe, and a white shoulder cord with a rose brooch. He also wears a mauve tie. He says that he has a birthmark on his arm in the shape of Italy.



In-game events





Gabriel was present at the start of the game as Ryker ran away from the French Church, seeking someone who can help them. Gabriel picked up Leon's Bible after Ryker tripped and dropped it on the ground. Opening the book, he was met with a bright light and chorus of angels, after which his head exploded.

However, later on Ryker met him again in the Basilica. They don't recognize him, as the last time they met was a year ago, on a dark and rainy road. Ryker learned that he has very bad memory and amnesia and barely remembers daily things as well as his past. Gabriel agrees to help Ryker get the woman they saw stranded in the sewer out, though when the two arrive she has disappeared. When Ryker pulls out the Abandoned Cell Phone they found, Gabriel recognizes it. He says that it is his co-worker's phone, and insists on going down into the sewer to try and find her. Once he is down in the sewer investigating, Vittorino kicks down the ladder into the sewer mouth, trapping Gabriel down there.

When he meets Vittorino in the catacombs he does not remember their childhood together or the fact that they were close friends. Vittorino, realizing that Gabriel does not remember anything from the past, convinces him that Ryker was the one to trap him in the sewers. After this, Gabriel agrees to help the blinded Vittorino out of the sewers.


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