Accardi Florentino

Accardi is a resident of Rosso Cadere that Ryker encounters on their journey. He is also occasionally a playable character.

Accardi Florentino

Accardi Florentino

First Appearance: Act 1
Pronouns: He/Him
Occupation: Accountant1

Biological Information

Species: Human
Origin: Italy
Age: 32
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Honey
Height: 188cm | 6'2"1
Last Known Status:
Show/Hide Alive

Table of Contents
  1. Appearance
  2. Personality
  3. In-game events
  4. Relationships
  5. History
  6. Trivia
  7. Footnotes


Accardi is a tall, broad-shouldered black man with fluffy purple hair that covers his right eye. His eyes are honey-colored, and he has sparse facial hair. He wears a well-tailored two-piece purple/black suit with a floral-patterned left sleeve. He also wears a white button-up and untucked white cravat. Accardi also wears black leather gloves.


Accardi is a flirty and soft-spoken man, enjoying the romantic side of things. He mentions how he finds French a "very romantic language" in one of his first exchanges with Ryker. He also asks them if they've ever been to Paris.
Upon seeing the wounds he caused on Ryker, he's shown to be visibly uncomfortable with the blood, and yet he mentions his interest in medicine and surgical procedures, much to Ryker's confusion. He also takes photographs of Ryker's battered body after hitting them with his car.
Prior to Ryker leaving his house, he tells them he finds their quest for vengeance rather fascinating, especially given their position as a priest.
He cares for his friends to a considerable degree, visibly distressed hearing about Vittorino's situation and having a heartfelt exchange with Juliek about growing and both men's love life.
Accardi is also physically strong, being able to pick up and carry Ryker.

In-game events

He first appears next to Juliek in downtown Rosso. Later on, he runs Ryker over on his way to Vittorino's, telling them he'd drop them off at the motel they're staying at if they promise not to sue him.
Later, he appears at the Basilica, showing up right after Vittorino has extracted three of Ryker's teeth. He appears again after Ryker is chased down by Vittorino in the walls of the Basilica. If Ryker has the Bandages in their bag, it's possible to let Accardi stitch the wounds from Vittorino's operation.
He invites Ryker to a bar, where the two drink and flirt. Ryker ends up passing out, and Accardi carries them back to their hotel room, falling asleep on the floor.
The day after, Accardi takes Ryker to Dakota's shop, believing they might find something of use there. Later, he invites them over to Juliek's, where the three take some sort of psychedelics together. That evening, Accardi invites Ryker to his house, and interrogates Ryker on why they're in Rosso.
Soon after Ryker leaves his house, Vittorino calls Accardi, scared of the visions he's having. This exchange stresses him out, making him set off to Juliek's house, but not before a dream sequence occurs where he appears to be in the Basillica.
At Juliek's house, the two have a long conversation about their relationship, and Accardi confesses that he may be in love with Ryker.







  • Accardi wants to be a photographer1
  • Accardi's birthday is May 28th2
  • There was meant to be a cooking minigame with Accardi3
  • Accardi is a cannibal4
  • Accardi's main design inspirations were Otonoshin Koito from Golden Kamuy, Hannibal Lecter NBC's Hannibal, and Westley from The Princess Bride 5
  • Accardi says his favorite food is "long pork", though this phrase is just a euphemism for human meat6