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Hotel Room

Where Ryker is staying while in Rosso Cadere.


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Room B2 of the Magic Rabbit Motel is where Ryker stays while in Rosso Cadere. The room is small, containing a bed, a chest of drawers, a desk, and adjoining bathroom. On the back wall hangs a photo of Rosso Cadere and a calendar with the numbers 0104 written on every page. There is a Mother Mary doll on the bedside table. On the desk is a CRT TV, where Video Tapes can be played, and a Cassette player where Audio Tapes can be played. On the chest of drawers is a coffee machine and Ryker's Journal, which updates with a summary of their journey.




Act 1
  • Ryker and Leon are good friends and took shelter in an abandoned church in France. They were celebrating Ryker's birthday when a mysterious man named Basilio Dante interrupted and murdered Leon
  • Now Ryker is in Rosso Cadere searching for Basilio Dante
  • Ryker witnessed someone's head explode by just opening the Bible Leon game them before passing.
  • Locals of Rosso Cadere have had recurring murder cases similar to what happened with Leon. These are called "Mirror Murder Cases" due to the big role mirrors play with these cases
  • Ryker found an abandoned Basilica that townspeople believe to be cursed
  • Ryker has found some items at the Basilica, but also met a strange blonde priest that isn't too happy about Ryker sneaking in.
  • Ryker had to sneak back into the Basilica (after losing Leon's Bible) and explored the catacombs that sit under the cursed building.
  • Ryker found a photo of Leon in the cursed Basilica.
  • Ryker was hit by a car...
  • Ryker found themself in a strange place and met a masked stranger, alerting them that Basilio Dante is after them as well. He also gave Ryker a code to remember; [2611]
Act 2
  • Ryker is having more strange dreams.
  • Despite the warnings, Ryker returns to the Basilica
  • Ryker finds a discarded cell phone, and meets Gabriel.
  • Gabriel went to investigate in the sewers under the Basilica, but never came back...
  • Vittorino took 3 wisdom teeth from you
  • You tried to escape him, but it led to him getting a hold of Leon's Bible. He opened it, and something strange happened...
  • You got lost and needed Accardi's help to get out of the Basilica.
  • Went to a bar with Accardi
  • Got drunk with Accardi. Hung out with him, and found a strange, small store where you met Dakota and Wankou
  • Weird things happened at your motel room when you tried to watch some VHS tapes
  • Got caught in an unexplainable situation with Vittorino. Temporarily healed his eyes with spit
  • Met Juliek, one of Accardi's friends. You may or may not have taken drugs with them.
  • Juliek translated some German letters you had. He theorized why German was used at the Basilica
  • Afterwards, you fell asleep in Accardi's car and had a strange dream....
Act 3
  • You attempted to make contact with Leon in a dream
  • Woke up in Accardi's house. Had tea with him and shared some personal things
  • Might have done some weird ritual with Dakota, at his work place. Unsure what this can lead to...